Reusable Matcha Whisk(Chasen) 樹脂茶筅

愛喝抹茶的您,曾經苦惱於使用竹製茶筅刷抹茶嗎?Miss Bear推薦您使用全新推出的樹脂茶筅!


有別於傳統竹製茶筅, 這款新型茶筅是由樹脂製成,質地有彈性,能減少出現斷枝現象。




由於材質相對耐用和容易上手,Miss Bear推薦樹脂茶筅給還未能控制刷茶力度的初學者練習;






For those who love drinking matcha, have you ever been troubled by using a bamboo matcha whisk? Miss Bear recommends using this newly launched resin matcha whisk!


Unlike traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk, this innovative Reusable Matcha Whisk is made from resin. Its flexible texture reduces the likelihood of breakage.


Additionally, it is easy to clean with just water, and it dries quickly, which minimises the chance of mold growth. Even when used in matcha lattes and other beverages, it won’t retain any lingering odors🍵


Due to their relatively durable material and ease of use, Miss Bear recommends resin matcha whisks for beginners who haven‘t mastered the strength of whisking.


Resin matcha whisks are easy to clean and maintain, making them highly recommended for busy workers or frequent matcha makers!


🛒Reusable Matcha Whisk: