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Brand Introduction


Founded in 2018, Miss Bear is a Hong Kong brand that focuses on organic products. People become more emphasized on organic food in the recent years. The positive impact of organic foods on human health is beyond question. In order to raise people’s health awareness, feeling the utmost natural and original style of food and nutrition, the brand imports organic raw materials from all over the world, currently providing organic loose tea, organic herbal tea, and organic dried fruit, and also has its self-distributed tea bags. In the future, we aim to introduce more categories of organic health products.



Brand Concept


The concept of brand name originates from the animal-bear of nature and hopes that the brand will become forceful. It has a certain influence in the market to promote organic ideas and promote the development of the organic market. The main color of the brand is greenish blue, which embodies the colors of the sky and the sea. The logo contains a bear, the  representative animal and the ear of rice that represent plants, portraying the natural ecosystem. The word Bear can be divided into "Be Ambitious yet Realistic" to understand, mirroring the brand's belief. We have a ambitious vision but we also uphold integrity, pursue the highest quality and provide our customers with the best service.